Raymondskill Falls: A Winter Waterfall Excursion

January 12, 2017

We have had little rain this Fall and creek levels have been unusually low.  Northeastern PA did accumulate a few inches of snow, followed by a brief warm up and a refreeze.  The snowmelt raised the creeks briefly so I decided to make this December 28, 2016 trip.  Debra had some commitments that kept her at home, so I started this trip solo.


Icy steep trails required a lot of caution.  When I arrived at the parking area for Raymondskill Falls I found a sheet of ice.  Fortunately, I parked in a nearby small melted out pull-off.  Later a confident driver pulled his Toyota 4wd to the center of the fairly level parking area and stopped.  His stopped vehicle began a slow side-ways slide and 90 degree rotation!  It took many tries but he did finally get his vehicle off the ice. 




The walk into Raymondskill Falls is on a well-built, but steep, trail  Icy spots made it a little tricky as I skirted the parking area and headed to the Falls. 


I planned this trip because I had scheduled relatively minor surgery for the New Year.  I wanted to have some photographs to work with during recovery  This post is the result.  Take a look at the new photos and get back to me with any questions or comments you may have.  Thanks for viewing.



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