Exploring George W. Childs Park

When planning my December 28th 2016 photo excursion I had asked a friend if he would like to come along. Unfortunately he had a commitment but as we spoke we realized that his commitment would result in him being in the area which I had already planned to visit. What are the odds - right? Rich Riter and I were able to join forces and meet up at the George W. Childs Park. We each explored the trail, shot some photos of the beautiful Falls, finishing about 3:00 PM. The early signs of starvation made me realize that a late lunch was critical.. We stopped at Petruzzio's Restaurant in Bushkill. We shared a delicious pizza, enjoyed conversation with the colorful owner and started the 3 hour drive home. A successful trip!

Factory Falls

The Park includes 3 major Falls: Factory Falls, Fulmer Falls and Deer Leap Falls. Take time to view the photos of all three. As always larger monitors display photos best.

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